Scent Descriptions

Our Beard Oils, Balms, & Butters are available in over 15 different scent options, along with fun seasonal alternatives!

“Floyd’s Barber Shop” – Fresh and light powdery bay rum, sandalwood, and earthy patchouli…an old-time barbershop fragrance.

“Feelin’ Good” – A clean, masculine fragrance of fresh tobacco mixed with sweet dark rum.

“Into The wild” – The scent of the deep woods…oak and moss with a hint of sandalwood.

“I’m Too Sexy” – Citrusy with notes of lime, rose, and a woody base…Burberry Cologne for Men-like.

"The Rat Pack" - A masculine and spicy citrus blend of bergamot and sandalwood with a hint of a fresh powder finish...what we imagine Frank Sinatra and the rest of the gang smelled like.

"Peace" - A calming and soothing blend of sandalwood + chamomile. This scent matches our shaving product line as well as our solid cologne "Peace".

“Under The Boardwalk” – This fragrance captures the essence of the fresh sea air and the unique qualities of the seashore.

“So Fresh, So Clean” – Fresh cucumber with a hint of mint.

“The Irish Rover" – Irish coffee…Irish cream, whiskey, and coffee beans.

"Burn One Down" - Earthy patchouli with a hint of sweet nag champa (floral + sandalwood).

"Sunshine Highway" - Refreshing coconut and lemongrass.

"High Cotton" - Fresh linens and cotton.

"Fire On The Mountain" - Campfire smoke.

"The Lumberjack" - The scent of freshly cut wood...perfect for anyone who loved the aroma of wood shop class.

"Blue Suede Shoes" - Leather.  Plain and simple.

"Easy Like Sunday Morning" - Blueberry pancakes with a hint of maple.

"The Twist" - (CLEARANCE SALE!)  Hot cocoa with a hint of sweet vanilla.

"Harvest Moon" - (FALL SEASONAL)  Warm pumpkin with a hint of caramel.

"Christmas in New York" - (HOLIDAY SEASONAL)  Cinnamon + clove with a woody/pine undertone.

"Nothing More" - Unscented.