8 oz. Beard Wash


Image of 8 oz. Beard Wash

Our 8 oz. Beard Wash is designed to remove buildup while continuing to nourish, condition, and moisturize the beard. Please note that our beard wash does not contain any chemicals, thickening agents, or sulfates; therefore, it has a light and thin consistency that does not provide a sudsy lather like commercial shampoos. The lemon essential oil adds a refreshing aroma.

Directions for Use:
Because we do not add any unnecessary thickening agents and our wash doesn't contain harsh chemicals or sulfates, the wash will not provide a sudsy lather that you may be used to having in a commercial shampoo. This may take some getting used to, but we promise your beard and skin will thank you for it!

Shake well before use. Pour a quarter sized amount (or more depending on length of beard) of wash into the palm of your hand and apply directly to your beard (do not try to lather together in your hands). Massage into your beard and skin. Rinse.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Castile Soap (vegetable oils), Glycerin (vegetable oils), Jojoba Oil, lemon essential oil.