4 oz. All-Natural / Alcohol-Free Aftershave


Image of 4 oz. All-Natural / Alcohol-Free Aftershave

Our 4 oz. all-natural / alcohol-free aftershave is an oil-based product designed to treat and prevent skin irritation and/or razor burn. The all-natural moisturizing and nourishing oils we use are an excellent skin care regimen for all skin types, while the added witch hazel provides a natural anti-inflammatory and soothing astringent to treat and prevent skin irritation. We have crafted a blend of sandalwood and chamomile essential oils for a masculine and calming fragrance.
*Please note that since we do not use any alcohol in our aftershave (as we believe this is not a safe ingredient for your skin), you will not feel a 'burning sensation' if this is something that you are used to when using an alcohol-based product.*

Directions for Use:
Use on clean, dry skin. Shake well before each use. Cover the opening of the bottle with the palm of your hand, tip upside down, then right side up again. This small amount left in your palm will go a long way as you begin to massage into your skin. Repeat if desired.